Virgin Mary 300px


A frequent traveler with a preference for high altitudes, TWISST Virgin Mary doesn't just taste great on the plane. TWISST VIRGIN MARY is also ideal for those with their feet firm on the ground who prefer a spicy tomato mocktail.

Pina Colada 300px


If you prefer a more mellow drink, TWISST Piña Colada offers a tantalizing combination of smooth coconut and fruity pineapple.

Mojito 300px


Zesty and refreshing, this non-alcoholic Mojito is the heart and soul of the party!

Irish Cream 300px


The best after-dinner innocent pleasure, this smooth non-alcoholic Irish Cream is the perfect companion for winding down after a busy day.

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Ready to Drink

Unlike other pre-mixes, TWISST is low-maintenance and high quality. You don’t need to crush, mix or shake before you TWISST, which makes it perfect for any and every occasion, from the beach to your bridal party!

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Anyone Can Drink

Do the TWISST anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Whether you’re a die-hard tailgater adding Irish Creme to your hot cocoa or you’re dancing the night away, Piña Colada in hand, at your paradise-inspired sweet 16, TWISST it up!

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Professionally Mixed

You no longer need a professional bartender to enjoy bar-quality beverages. Become the professional mixologist of the group by simply cracking open a preservative-free TWISST Mocktail- add your favorite alcohol or enjoy as-is!

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Environmentally Friendly

Every TWISST Mocktail is packaged in a unique and environmentally friendly cartocan. Kick back, relax and enjoy your eco-friendly mocktail free of guilt and full of flavor.